My name is Alcohol, and I’m the devil in disguise…

You’ll find me everywhere: wicked, bad, and wise. My specialty is tears that come from misery, and to cause a broken home is such a joy to me!

A five-car wreck will always make my day, leaving torn bodies in the morgue that did it my way. I’ll make you do something you’ve never dared to try, like hurt, rape, kill, steal, cheat, and lie.

Your God is nothing, just look what I can do! I can take away all the good things God has put in your life. When you are sentenced to all of fifty years, to know that I’m the cause is music to my ears! When I see you sleeping homeless and cold on the street, knowing that I put you there is really neat!

I don’t believe in love, that’s for people with a heart. Love is just something for me to tear apart. And if you think I’m not popular, you’re not watching your TV---where all the youngsters show the fun that I can be when kids grow up liking me, then choose me as their friend. It’s over, all over, the beginning of the end!

I’m considered medicine by those who will live with the pain, and oh, how I love it when you’ve gone insane. Number One Killer---WOW!! Best news I’ve ever had! I must be awfully good to be rated this bad…

If you’ll always be my buddy, what a story we can tell---I’ll make you the star in a show called: “You’re Living Hell in a Cell”!

And I’ll always be available and at your beck’n call, so if you’re looking for a friend,

My Name is ALCOHOL…

The Devil in siguise


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