Alpha Program – DUI Classes


Being convicted of a DUI is a life changing event.   Riverside Recovery Resource’s team of professionals are here to help you navigate through the process and give you the tools you need to make the right choices. Our DUI Education program is a California State Licensed Alcohol and Drug Education and Counseling Program for those who are convicted of a DUI in a California court which requires completion of a state-approved DUI program to restore their driving privileges.

Any conviction of a DUI in a California court will require completion of a State approved DUI program to restore complete driving privileges. The court may or may not still be involved, however DMV remains involved until all DUI program requirements have been met and the program sends a DL 101 proof of completion certificate to DMV.

Riverside Recovery Resources DUI Education program offers first offender Wet Reckless, 3, 6 and 9-month programs.  We also offer 12 and 18-month multiple offender classes.  There are 3 forms of referrals that may allow us to enroll you into our program.

Riverside County Drinking Driver (DDP) referral – This is needed by any person who has an active or pending DUI case in the Riverside County Court System.  You must call DDP at (951) 778-3500 to schedule an orientation.

Direct Court Referral – This is needed by any person whose court is ordered to complete a DUI program.  Some Courts designate which program you can go to and some courts allow you to attend any State approved DUI School.  Once you get this referral most often you are given a date to enroll by.  It is vitally important that you call to make an intake appointment as soon as possible as there is usually an “enroll by” date listed on the referral/court order.  We cannot take you for intake past this “enroll by” date; you would have to go back to court to ask for an extension.

DMV Referral – This is for persons who are not court ordered to attend a DUI Education program yet have been convicted of or pending conviction for a DUI. To enroll this way you will need to go to DMV and get an H-6 printout of your driving record.

Whatever the referral source, the DUI Education Program is made up of a team of professionals whose goal is to educate you on the costs and effects that driving under the influence has on one’s self, family and society.  Once you leave our program you do so with a set of tools that will help you make better choices in life and not get behind the wheel intoxicated ever again.

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