Relapse Prevention

Relapse is not a single event. It’s a process that begins even before a recovering addict takes a first sip of alcohol, uses drugs again or stops eating healthily. Typically, there are three main stages of addiction relapse:

1. Emotional Relapse usually doesn’t mean that the recovering addict is thinking about using. But strong emotions (such as self-doubt, isolation, shame, fear or depression) are typically the warning signs for falling back into the addiction.

2. Mental Relapse is like tug-of-war in your mind. The recovering addict struggles between wanting to use and not wanting to use. They enter this stage of relapse when they start thinking about the people they used to use with, the places where they used or how using made them feel.

3. Physical Relapse is the final phase and involves falling back into old behaviors and habits

If you or someone you love is in recovery but in danger of relapse, call us for an appointment. We can help you develop a relapse prevention program in one of our outpatient or aftercare programs and avoid future addiction issues.

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