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Let’s face it: addiction treatment has become a billion-dollar industry. You’ve seen it in your own practice. Facilities promote shopping, destinations,and vacation-like experiences to lure patients and their families. These offerings sometimes provide a break from the pressures of addiction – nothing more. Addiction treatment has become about the money, not about the addict. We’re different.

The foundation of our program is the faith-based, 12-Step, spiritual-based recovery model, which has been tested over time and works. Our programs enable the patient to have a safe, healthy, and distraction-free environment to get clean and begin the lifelong path of recovery. Our programs include real- life, everyday tools to support lifelong recovery. We treat mind, body,and spirit together.

CCAPP Accredited

The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) is a nonprofit membership organization, which serves as the principle voice for social model recovery programs throughout California. The roots of modern social model recovery are in the mutual self-help concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous. Programs emphasize the process of learning through ‘‘doing’’ and ‘‘experiencing’’, and by providing positive role models.

The organization is comprised of individuals and programs that are among California’s most highly respected practical researchers and refiners of social model recovery. CCAPP’s singular purpose is to provide a positive impact on the suffering alcoholic and addict population and to assist families as well as the community in general. The organization’s mission is to encourage the development, expansion, and continuing quality of social model programs in California through advocacy, education, training, and positive role modeling.

The association offers a variety of assistance to recovery programs, social model detoxification centers, neighborhood recovery centers, sober living environments and groups of individuals proposing to begin new programs. The assistance often takes the form of program and management consultation services, and extensive education offerings through the CAARR Institute, which is offered in over 24 sites throughout California, and additional sites upon request.

In addition, CCAPP is one of the recognized counselor certification organizations in the state.

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

As a non-profit corporation in good standing, CCAPP is exempt from both state and federal taxes. Activities are supported through membership dues, donations, educational materials, and presentations and contracts with various governmental entities for the provision of technical assistance and training services. The budget supports a small coordinating staff, but much of the Association’s work is accomplished through the efforts of trained volunteers and volunteer committee members.

Over thirty-two years ago, California recovery homes, grouped in regional affiliation at the time, began a tradition of practical learning and sharing of experience in social model alcohol/drug addiction recovery. Joining together statewide, many of those same facilities are today members of CAARR, and now CAARR and CAADAC have combined to form CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals).

For more than three decades the Association has sought above all to preserve the continuity of that tradition of integrity through the careful practice of established recovery principles. Such fundamentals as volunteerism, leading by example, and mutual self-help has been found essential to CCAPP’s proven success in addressing the real issues of recovery for the alcoholic and addict, the family, and the community.

For more information about CCAPP, please call (916) 338-9460.

Family reunification – Each participant's family is welcome to participate in Family Dynamics Group and/or individual family counseling services.

Re-entry - Clients who have successfully completed the residential program can be funded through the Department of Corrections Rehabilitation for sober living and aftercare services to help each individual successfully succeed with the re-entry and transition into society.


We want you to get to know us, our programs, and our team. We regularly host events to help us learn how to help your patients, clients, and your practice. We also are active in the community and would be happy to visit you and share our information. We want to meet you and learn more about your professional services, your patient and client needs, and how we can help.

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